Can't use the Mindfulness Meditation app on iOS 8?

If you are using our older Mindfulness Meditation stand-alone app on your iPhone today, you need to upgrade to our new multi-device service/app before upgrading to iOS 8.


  • You can access the programs on a growing range of mobile devices and and the web
  • You will get new content and more personalization
  • You will benefit from automatic feature and content upgrades

Ready to try our new version?

  1. Click the appropriate upgrade link below to get a 1-year subscription (save $16.99) as a token of our appreciation for your early support of Mental Workout:
  2. You will now be able to enjoy the new version with new features. Delete the old app if you wish to continue using the new service.

What if I have already subscribed to the new program?

When redeeming your access code, it will just add the period on top of what you already have purchased.

What if I don't want to upgrade?

We're not forcing anybody to upgrade. If you don't see any benefit in upgrading, just continue to use your existing iPhone app.


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